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Smart USB Charging Station $39

4 powered USB ports and extra 2 built-in microusb cables shared 8 amps of power (total 40W), max 5v 2.4A for each port, can charge 6 devices at the same time

Smart USB charging station technology, adapts devices’s charging rate and optimises the charging speed automatically - faster and safer than traditional usb ports.

The devices can be put on the cradle while charging

The 4 usb ports charge a wide range of devices from smartphones to tablets to media players

Travelair wireless 1TB backup $110

Wireless Hard Drive and SD Card reader
1TB of storage and its own built-in Wi-Fi
One-Touch NFC for easy connection
Connect up to five devices simultaneously
Splash-proof design with IP43 water resistance
Intuitive, easy-to-use companion app